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What are Smart Meters?

Smart meters and you

In 2014, the UK government announced ambitious plans to ensure that every home and small business should be offered a smart meter – at no extra cost to the consumer – by the end of 2020. Earlier this year, the roll out of smart meters was extended to 2025.

This initiative is designed to lower energy usage, encourage renewable energy generation and tackle global warming.

The future is smart

Smart meters are a key part of the plan to update the existing national grid – the network for gas and electricity transmission – into a smarter, greener grid, fit for future generations.

Smart meters allow the accurate, real-time measurement of energy across all parts of the network, which helps to balance both supply and demand, optimising the service for consumers.

What is a smart meter?

Just like a traditional gas or electricity meter, smart meters measure energy use over time.

Smart meters however are the next generation of energy meters, communicating real-time energy usage to your energy supplier.

It means that you can keep track of how much electricity or gas you are using and identify ways to make energy savings.

Smart meters are a great way of keeping on top of energy costs, as they show you just how much your appliances are actually costing you to use. 

What can a smart meter do for you?

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A smarter future

Smart meters will bring Britain’s energy generation and distribution system into the 21st century.

280 - Environment

Environmental benefits

They will help the nation to conserve energy which, in turn, benefits the environment.

291 - Electricity Tower

A smart gird

They are able to supply more reliable, efficient and low-carbon energy with better management of valuable energy resources. Learn more.

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Smarter technology

In partnership with the national grid, smart meters will support emerging technologies such as fridge-freezers being able to shut off for short periods at peak times; washing machines and dishwashers being able to make use of off-peak tariffs and electric vehicles which will help us to meet our climate goals.

302 - Green Energy

Energy savings

If the whole nation had smart meters installed,  we could save the same amount of energy as it takes to power every household in Aberdeen, Cardiff and Manchester for a year.

Frequently Asked Questions

Any Questions?

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Suppliers install smart meters at no extra cost to the bill payer

Yes, however there are potential complications as some meters may lose their smart functionality. Contact your supplier for more information.

All households in the UK must be offered a smart meter from their supplier by 2025 or you can contact your supplier directly.

Energy suppliers will arrange to install the smart meter, usually through a company that specialises in smart meters.

According to Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), all smart meters have to pass the same safety regulations as any other in-house technology.

Please ensure you make your supplier aware of any renewable energy generators, as this may affect the performance of the smart meter and should be assessed prior to installation.